Friday, November 14, 2008

Month 1: Done

Jason (aka Big Jerkface), Rob (aka Jerkface #8) & Myself (Vice-Jerkface, acting as Jerkface President in Ricky's absence) saw Ricky yesterday. It was probably the best visit yet, in terms of how much progress he has made.  

His hip has been replaced, and his knee was also operated on. He was in excruciating pain last week, but he says it's much better. He is still sore, but not in agony. The amount of meds he had to take daily has been (roughly) halved. He is moving around (indoors) on a walker, and only uses the wheelchair when going outside. He even seems to have gotten a little color back. He is no longer 'burning hot and itchy', as that was, apparently, a reaction to an anti-seizure med he is no longer taking.  He even seems altogether more coherent (for Ricky). He is aware of his memory issues, and seemed to retain more than all of my previous visits. 

Ricky has made a nemesis. There is a nurse in his ward whom he has dubbed 'Nurse Ratched'.
The good news is, he will not have to deal with her tyranny for long, because..

He is apparently due to move to a new facility that will concentrate more on the physical rehab sometime next week. 

GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre
4255 Laurel Street
(604) 734-1313

(Check the blog next week for an update on that, especially on days you plan to visit)

The VPL Bike Brigade is planning to do a 'Ricky Blair Bikeride' to try to raise funds for him.
Details are on the Facebook 'Team Ricky' page under events (bottom right)
or (for those that are not on Facebook) at this link:

Contact Kay Cahill for any further details.

For Ricky's Co-workers:
Level 4 had taken up a collection to get Ricky cable for a month, and stave off the boredom.
He has cable paid through the weekend, and now that he is moving, we will wait until the move to get it.
If you would like to donate to the 'Don't-Make-Ricky-Watch-Paint-Dry' fund, you can leave money with Myself, Maria or Anne Olsen.

One last thing:
Now that he's not critical, we can't think he's completely fine, and stop visiting him. He's doing his part, we have to do ours, so he does not get too bored/depressed/discouraged.

..I think that's it.
Peace out.

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