Friday, December 5, 2008

Ain't No Nuv..

Had a great, long visit with Ricky today. He was talking a mile-a-minute, and in good spirits.
He has been moved to room 325, where he is able to finally get a whole night's sleep, because he has the room all to himself. No more snoring or cooing aliens. (Don't ask)

Passed along a card (with generous contribution) from the Children's division. Ricky was extremely appreciative of the gift, and said to pass along a thank you to all involved, although he will be able to personally thank those of you who plan to attend the Winter Ball tomorrow night.
Which brings me to my next point..

As I am unable to attend, Ricky is without chaperone. First off, if anyone is planning on being a designated driver, and would like to volunteer to chauffeur Mr.Blair, please post here, and contact him at GF Strong. (Or if you have it, he can be reached at his old cell phone number, which I am hesitant to post here on the world wide web) If he can not arrange a ride, he will probably cab, although he may require assistance in/out of it. He is allowed out until midnight,
at which point he will turn into a pumpkin and/or mice. No more than 2 beers (he may try to convince you otherwise).

-A big thank you to all of the people who have thus far contributed to the Ricky fund. That bursting envelope is going to be a life saver in the new year. Keep it comin'!
-I will be out of town from Dec 19th until the New Year. I will need you guys to be my eyes and ears for that period of time.
-Somebody please hurl playful insults at Ricky from time to time for me at the ball, so he doesn't miss me too much.

Over and out.

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Dana said...

I have two short videos of Ricky at the Winter Ball that I would like to add to the Facebook group. Can someone who is in regular contact with Ricky find out if that's okay with him that I post them?

Thanks a bunch! Dana.