Monday, October 20, 2008

Update 4 (Updated)

I just learned they postponed his surgery Sunday (not sure why).

Received an update from Charles:
"He was up with his eyes open responding with a thumbs up to questions this morning."
(At least we know our little nomadic friend can still hitchhike)

Charles is going to see him tonight after work.
Should have more details then..

UPDATE: For those that did not read Charles' comment below,
the surgery was postponed due to the fact that he contracted pneumonia.
They are treating it with antibiotics, and he is responding well.
When the pneumonia passes, they will again consider surgery. 

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Charles said...

Ricky's surgery was postponed because he has contracted pneumonia. This is quite common with ICU patients who have breathing tubes. They are treating it with antibiotics and he is responding well. They can't perform any surgery while he is sick. Once he pneumonia passes they can consider surgery again.